At Executive Options LLC we conduct specialized client based weapons and tactics training courses including interactive use of force training utilizing Simunition for law enforcement, military and corporate executive security teams, as well as the complete NYS Division of Licensing mandated training program.

Our Instructors are real-world operators:

Don Redl

Don Redl Don Redl is the director of training, he has over 19 years of operational experience in the Executive Security & Investigative industry. Don has conducted Investigative, Executive Protection and Training operations throughout the United States and Internationally for Multinational Corporations, Law Firms, Insurance Companies, High Net worth Individuals and Entertainment Industry Clients. Don is verified through the NRA as a Law Enforcement firearms instructor, certified by NYS DCJS as a general topics and firearms instructor, as well as a Florida State certified firearms instructor.

Jon Wood

Don Redl Jon Wood is the security, general topics, and firearms instructor, and has over 18 years of operational experience as a police officer. Jon holds the rank of senior detective and has successfully investigated murders, rapes, robberies, and many other violent felonies. Jon has also completed the NYPD Homicide Investigators Course, FBI Criminal Investigator Course, and the FBI Hostage Negotiators course. Jon holds numerous instructor certifications in firearm related fields, including the FBI, NRA-LE, DHS, Department of Criminal Justice Services, and many others. Jon is currently a member of IALEFI, and is in charge of his agencies Firearms Training Unit and Active Shooter / Rapid Deployment Tactics program.