Executive Options LLC is regarded as one of the preeminent providers of Private Investigations and Protective Services in the United States. Our clients include: US and Multinational Corporations, Heads of State, Foreign Dignitaries, Law Firms, Insurance Companies, High Net Worth Individuals & Entertainment Industry Clients. Our reputation as "Quiet Professionals" gives our clientele peace of mind.


Donald P. Redl, Jr.

Donald P. Redl, Jr.

President / Managing Member

Don is the Managing Member of Executive Options LLC. He is a Board Certified Investigator (PCI by designation) through ASIS International, and published author: "Get Off The X" (2017). Prior he was the President and CEO of The Boca Group & Associates, Inc. He has over 22 years of practical experience in the industry and has personally led and/or conducted Investigative, Executive Security and/or Training operations both Domestically and Internationally for US & Multinational Corporations, Law Firms, Insurance Companies, High Net Worth Individuals, Heads of State, Foreign Dignitaries and Entertainment Industry Clients. Don has been featured on Television and in Print Media and has been deposed and/or testified in both Florida and New York State Courts, including Subject Matter Expert testimony.

Don is a member of IALEFI and holds Professional Instructor Certifications through NYS DCJS as a Firearms Instructor and a General Topics Instructor; An Active Shooter Response Instructor through SigArms; A Scenario Based Force on Force Instructor through Simunition; and Firearms Instructor Certifications through the States of Florida and Utah. His experience and expertise includes 20+ years of continued study, training and teaching NYS DCJS Security and Armed Guard Practices, Judicious Use-of-Force, Tactical Firearms and Scenario/Reality Based Force-on-Force Training.

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Barbara Jo Redl

Barbara Jo Redl

Executive Vice President

Barbara has over 22 years of combined practical experience in the industry, starting with 10 years in the Legal and Judicial system in New York State, as well as 12 years of experience as a Private Investigator in the States of New York and Florida.

Detective Jon Wood

Detective Sergeant Jon Wood

Senior Instructor / Training Division

Jon holds the rank of Detective Sergeant and has over 20 years of experience as a professional Police Officer. Throughout his career Jon has conducted Executive Protection for Visiting Dignitaries and High Profile Corporate Executives. He has successfully investigated Murders, Rapes, Robberies, Burglaries and other Violent Felonies. Jon has completed the NYPD Homicide Investigators Course, FBI Criminal Investigator Course, and the FBI Hostage Negotiators course.

Jon is a member of IALEFI, and in charge of his agencies Firearms Training Unit and Active Shooter / Rapid Deployment Tactics Program. Jon holds Professional Instructor Certifications through the FBI and US Dept. of Justice as a Firearms Instructor, through DHS as a Law Enforcement Active Shooter Response Instructor, through NYS DCJS as a General Topics and Firearms Instructor and through SigArms as an Active Shooter Response Instructor.


We are committed to being your preferred Investigations and Protective Services provider therefore our personnel are carefully selected, vetted, trained and managed. Each is in an expert in their respective field with extensive experience stemming from an accomplished background in law enforcement, military and/or corporate investigations and security. The level of experience the we demand combined with maintaining a professional corporate appearance and demeanor allows us to provide an unparalleled level of service.